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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday morethansirius. ~looks warily around the room for SPEW supporters~ Here's a small token of appreciation for all that you do. May you have an outstanding birthday.

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Poll: Who's your winner?


BBC's fan favorite contest between Alan Rickman and Colin Firth.  Go!  Quick!  Cast your vote for our man Alan in the final round ending Sept 1. 


~does the Snoopy happy dance~  Found the golden quill for Pottermore.  My user name is SilverPhoenix12.   Yipee!  lolz

Don't you just love technology? Finally found the lj app and can catch up whenever. Been lurking and reading when class work drives me crazy. Invested in a Kobo e-reader and downloaded all my favorite stories. Always wanted one since star trek. I'm such a nerd but that's okay. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Gonna post some pics of the newest members of my family.  Hope they make someone smile that needs it.  There are five, one black and one brown.  Right now they're at the eat, sleep, squeak and repeat stage.  My girl made some beautiful babies. 


It's alive....

Watching season two of Battlestar Galactica.  Knew I liked Laura Roslin for a reason.  Isn't part of a politician's job description to be a little bit blood thirsty?


Squees abound...

Just had to post to show off my brand new shiny icon.  My housemate, the lovely and talented methleigh  made it for me.  Once again, I am so grateful the mods at OWL held the housecup this past year.  I would never had met these wonderful people with out it. 

There's still time...

Now that the holidays are over, there is still time if you would like a $10 off LJ coupon.  The coupons are good until the 15th.  Let me know if you would like one, I still have nine left for anyone wanting a good bargain.  Here's the particulars:  http://community.livejournal.com/paidmembers/23977.html 

My Slytherin Robe

Here's your final patch. It has 8 stars - the maximum - because you left more than 260 reviews during the month! Wow! OWL Staff and Slytherin House thank you!

My Slytherin RobeCollapse )
Congratulations Ravenclaw House! 

Well Done Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses.  It was a blast and a half.

Also, thank you OWL Mods, I wouldn't have missed this for all the galleons in Gringotts.  

Happy Belated Birthday slyth_wolf

Pray tell, how many points would Alexei require from this group of  dunderheads?
Hope it was happy!